Find guides on the official education standards, so that you can keep your child on par with students in the public education system.


  • Benchmark Goals: Science Literacy and Following Instructions for 6th through 8th Grade

    Science is about much more than learning how chemicals combine, or how long bears hibernate. There are a whole set of skills that come from studying science and following scientific procedures. One such ability is following instructions. Think about it. Following a set of written instructions is a vital skill in the job industry, in […]

  • 7th Grade Literature: Understanding Key Ideas and Details

    Reading literature is an essential and exciting part of your child’s education. Through this part of their school experience, they can learn to develop critical thinking skills, a broadened worldview, empathy, and a lifelong love of reading. One aspect of the common core that your child must master by the end of 7th grade is […]

  • Benchmark Goals: Knowledge of Language for 7th Grade

    Using language effectively is a vital life-skill as well as a crucial aspect of demonstrating academic proficiency. Therefore, it makes sense that part of the benchmark goals for 7th grade is for students to be able to show that they have a working knowledge of language and how to use it. Knowlege of Language Benchmarks […]

  • Benchmark Goals: Kindergarten Math, Measurement and Data

    Kindergarten is the perfect time to set your child up for success in mathematics. The benefit is that kindergarten math standards leave a lot of wiggle room for exploration, and even a little bit of fun. One standard that allows for a lot of fun options is the kindergarten math standards for measurement and data. […]

  • Standardized Test Guides: Kindergarten Reading Foundational Skills: Print Concepts

    Kindergarten is a milestone year for reading skills. Some children enter kindergarten with the ability to read while others enter eager to learn how to read. If your child can’t read before kindergarten, they are still probably well on track for their age group. Kindergarten is the time to learn the foundations of reading. Some […]

  • Core Standards: 7th Grade Statistics and Probability

    The Common Core math standards for 7th grade include a section on mastering the basics of statistics and probability. One standard, in particular, serves as a foundation for future understanding and future mastery of more complex ideas and perspectives surrounding how statistics function in real world settings. CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.7.S.P.A.1  requires that students gain an understanding that statistics […]

  • Benchmark Goals: English Language Arts Standards: Reading: Literature Grade 9-10 Standard 3

    Reading Literature standards for the 9th and 10th grade are quite similar. Reading Literature Grade 9-10 Standard 3 states that children should be able to “analyze how complex characters (e.g., those with multiple or conflicting motivations) develop over the course of a text, interact with other characters, and advance the plot or develop the theme.” Basically, […]

  • Bench Mark Goals: 7th Grade Science Benchmark and Standard 1

    7th Grade Science can be an exciting set of standards and isn’t too complicated to teach. Let’s break down the benchmark goals and objectives, so you know exactly what your child should learn by the end of the year. The Benchmark Goal Interpreted The common core benchmark goal summarizes what your child should master by the end […]