Guides and reviews on the various tools and external resources you can utilize to ensure your childs education and success in life.


  • Local Factories: The Perfect Resource for Homeschooling Your Kids

    You probably live near a factory that gives tours. Though it may sound strange, these trips are the perfect learning opportunity for your homeschooled kids to get some knowledge about how the world works. Here are some ways to get the most learning out of a factory tour while still keeping the kids interested and […]

  • Biodiversity PEEK Curriculum: Homeschooling With a Global Impact

    Environmental studies are not only required curriculum for school, but it’s also a crucial knowledge base that helps your child make responsible choices for protecting Earth’s environment. However, it can be difficult to find and develop meaningful lesson plans and courses that not only teach your child the basics, but help them understand eco-systems, biomes, […]

  • Art Museums and Galleries: Your Resource for Getting Up Close and Personal With Masterpieces

    Teaching your kids about art and art history can be a blast. It’s your opportunity to help inspire your children with both famous masterpieces and the masterpieces they create themselves. However, looking through pictures in books and on the internet isn’t quite as exciting as it could be. Luckily, you probably have a fantastic resource […]

  • Khan Academy: Free Courses from Kindergarten to College

    Homeschooling isn’t easy. Sometimes, you have to supplement your regular teaching with outside resources for your kids to fully comprehend the course material. Other times you need an outside recourse because you have too many things to teach and too few hours in the day to explain it all. There’s no shame in looking outside […]

  • Project Gutenberg: Books Upon Books At No Cost to You

    Especially when it comes to teaching Language Arts, you want access to a lot of books without hassle. However, purchasing books isn’t cheap, and you need a reliable resource. A library is a good option, but there’s always a chance that the book you need is checked out or your local library doesn’t carry it. […]

  • TED Talks: Great Resources to Get Kids Thinking

    TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and TED Talks are powerful short talks or speeches (usually 18 minutes or less) on bold new ideas surrounding the convergence of technology, entertainment, design, and social issues and how they converge. These short, well-delivered speeches range in topic from the importance of buying local to revolutionary new […]

  • DuoLingo: Learning Languages for Free

    Multilingualism is a fast growing trend in education, and it’s easy to see why. Research suggests that bilingual and multilingual individuals benefit from quicker thinking, more developed decision-making skills, and much more. Homeschooling can make teaching your kids a second language more difficult, especially if you don’t speak a second language yourself. However, can […]

  • Your One Stop Resource to Teaching Materials

    Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the right learning modules, lesson plans, graphic organizers, and videos to help your child learn the concepts you are trying to teach. What is even harder is finding high-quality modules that will work with your child’s specific needs. However, there is one website that can help end your […]