Find guides on different methods of teaching so you can adapt your home school teaching to a way that is best for your child


  • Design Thinking Teaching Techniques: Solving the World’s Problems In the Classroom

    We want our children to become outstanding problems solvers and creative thinkers. One of the most effective ways to teach your kids critical thinking skills, problem-solving, and creative thinking is through the use of Design Thinking teaching techniques. Here’s how. What Is It? Design Thinking is a method of teaching where you and your students […]

  • Raising Rogue Scholars: Incorporating Self Learning Methods in Homeschool Curriculum

    One of the main problems with the traditional education system is that it doesn’t often teach kids how to learn something on their own. While most teachers encourage their students to explore and research a given topic, students aren’t usually encouraged to branch out and learn something outside the class curriculum. The sad fact is […]

  • Measurable and Obtainable Tasks: Teaching With Bloom’s Taxonomy

    Creating goals and assessments for your children can be quite the challenge. However, the better your goals and assessments the easier your kids will learn and progress. Luckily, there are many methods for creating¬†great objectives and assessments. One of the best techniques available is called Bloom’s Taxonomy. What Is It? Bloom’s Taxonomy is a system […]

  • Mind Over Matter: Teaching With a Growth Mindset

    Homeschooling gives you a much larger opportunity to teach your children how to face challenges both in learning and in life. You want them to have all the best tools, ideas, and attitudes to persevere, follow their heart, and try new things. One amazing gift you can give your children is to help them develop […]

  • Homeschooling With the Inverted Teaching Method: How It Works, and How It Can Help You

    Traditional teaching methods involve a teacher who imparts their knowledge onto the students while the students do their best to absorb everything the teacher says. For some students, the traditional method works well, and they feel comfortable and confident with the system. However, some students might benefit by using another method of instructing. One such […]

  • Homeschooling With Backwards Design: Teaching With the Goals In Mind

    Backward design is a common teaching method used to orient all of your lesson plans, assessments, and activities around the desired end learning goals. The hope is for the lessons and evaluations to be more focused, and your children to achieve their benchmarks faster. Your kids will also benefit from the fact that the lesson […]

  • Reinforcing Concepts and Deepening Understanding: Homeschooling With Cross-Curricular Teaching

    Cross-Curricular Teaching (also known as interdisciplinary¬†teaching) is a teaching method that involves teaching related concepts in all your various core subjects. In an in-school setting, cross-curricular teaching is quite complicated because it involves several teachers and departments coming together to agree to coordinate their unit and lesson plans. However, using cross-curriculum teaching in a homeschooling […]

  • Student Lead Scheduling: Helping Your Child Create Their Own Learning Schedules

    When it comes to scheduling, homeschooling provides you and your kids with a nearly endless amount of flexibility. Flexibility is a two-edged sword. One the one hand a flexible schedule allows for freedom to explore, to break out of the monotony, and to find new and exciting ways to learn. On the other hand, flexibility […]